Below you will find some references of our work and services.

Turkey, city of Adana in collaboration with the mayor of Adana his excellence H. Sozlu and city council 2014 – 2017.

After the approach of the city council to wright a project for the city of Adana, initially m2 selected covered an area of 1800 Ha. for the purpose of the setup of different varieties for cut flower production to create Job-Availability and to generate flower production for local markets and export to European countries. We wrote the plan for the project under my supervision. Providing seeds and bulbs. We started a successful trial of 2,5 Ha of the final flower selection, the preparation for the cold chain for the post-harvest the project started (cold stores and coldstore transport). We created a cooperation of farmers holding residence in the appointed area and started planting the first  15Ha. the targets for the production was and is still ongoing for the local markets and for export to create seasonal prolonging  in the flower market of Europe. It was very succesfull and nationally broadcasted on television, the production went to 50Ha in the first 2 years. The project is still ongoing and growing under the supervision of the cooperation we have set up.

Thailand, city of Buriram and Changwat Rajong in collaboration with PTTling and Play La Ploen for the Royal Project 2016 - ongoing.

We were approached to participate in the royal project, providing seeds, bulbs, cuttings and flowers for the selected flower display in the parcs for national broadcast on television of the royal project. Consulting how to plant and grow creating at the same time agricultural educational possibilities for the schools visiting the parcs during the Royal Projects. Aligned creating possibilities for and guiding Thai growers to export plants for the European market. They also approached us for the selection of a new daffodil to baptise for the new King.

Kenya, city of Subukia in collaboration with Wilfay Flowers, Kiboro family’s private estate 180 Ha 2013 – ongoing.

Providing bulbs and seeds, grow and flower selection consultancy over the last 5 years. Introducing the Kiboro family to the established families in the agricultural sector in the Netherlands to create the newest marketing options.

England, city of west Sussex in collaboration with BordeHill, Sir A.J. Stephenson-Clarcke family’s private estate 400 Ha (members of the board of the Royal Horticultural Society) 2016 – ongoing.

Providing bulbs, seeds and cuttings together with consultancy for marketing and estate development. They approached us to help them choose and find new items in their 80 year old family collection of plants and trees to cultivate and to patent for new marketing opportunities.

(USA) California, city of Modesto in collaboration with Dutch Hollow Farms, Bos family  25 Ha 2015 – 2017.

Consulting growing of flowers in full ground for the local market. They became very successful in growing and selling flowers.

China Kunming, city of Mile in collaboration with Yang Bin family and cooperation partly private and partly governmental 4000 Ha  2016 – ongoing.

Approached by this party to supervise and develop this project to provide and exchange all the knowledge and expertise needed, consulting and selecting varieties for the project. 2000 Ha is reserved for the production of flowers and vegetables including arranging greenhouse facilitators from the Netherlands, supporting professors of Wageningen university, grow guidance adjusted to every variety chosen in vegetables and flowers, a laboratory for tissue growing together with the professional knowledge and guidance needed to set up this laboratory, education centre, display centre of newest technology in farming and varieties. Hotel and housing for visitors and staff. The other 2000Ha is reserved for multiplying bulbs together with its facilities needed to store and preserve the bulbs for export and local market.